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GoldTech is a leader in the exploration, testing, development, operation and sale of gold, silver, and copper mines. The company currently holds a significant number of mineral properties, and is constantly seeking out and acquiring new properties for acquisition and development, or for sale or joint venture.

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Gold:               1,705,780 ounces.               $2,217,514,000 @ $1,300 per ounce

Silver:             60,972,582 ounces.             $1,219,451,640 @ $20 per ounce

Copper:          513,548,836 lbs.                   $1,617,678,833 @ $3.15 per pound



PROJECTED ANNUAL NET PROFIT:  $343 Million at 150 tons per hour


The above figures are based solely on independent historical data from exploration programs completed by professional geologists and mining engineers. Prospective interested parties are cautioned to complete their own independent valuation of the Calida property via due diligence analysis of all historical data, and independent testing.


LOCATION:   The Calida property is located approximately 24 miles south of Salmon, Idaho and 5 miles west of Highway 28 within the Mormon Canyon area.


DESCRIPTION:    The property includes 15 unpatented lode mining claims containing 300 acres.  The claim block is situated on lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management.  Calida consists of numerous old producing mines both surface and underground, having produced from 7 separate shear zones containing important quantities of gold, silver, and copper.


GEOLOGY:   Genesis of the Calida ore deposits, simply put, is a series of intensely altered and mineralized shear zones hosting oxide and sulfide ore minerals.  The shear zones range in size from 2’ to over 130’ in width and up to 14,000’ in length.  The shear zones represent a hydrothermal plumbing system for the migration of ore-bearing minerals throughout the zones of crushing and shearing.  Mineralization consists of native gold, and gold-bearing copper and silver minerals.  Most predominate in the system as tested includes the minerals of chalcopyrite, pyrite, chrysacolla, malachite, azurite, limonite, goethite, and assorted minerals containing both gold and silver.


MINERAL RESOURCE:   Exploration drilling and trenching, combined with exposures in old workings, have provided the foundation for calculating an in-ground mineral resource by previous exploration efforts.  However, the historical exploration data should be verified by new drilling, trenching and sampling, and underground sampling/mapping.  Three different periods of drilling have focused on developing a reserve base to justify the implementation of a comprehensive mining and milling program.  The work programs have resulted in adequate data to indicate, if not define, an ore reserve totaling 9,073,301 tons. This reported reserve is considered by this writer to be an indicated mineral resource until due diligence drilling is completed.

Additional mineral resource is likely with vertical and horizontal extensions of the known mineralized zones.  The in-ground mineral resource contains an average ore tenor of 0.187 oz/ton Au, 6.72 oz/ton Ag, and 56.6 lbs/ton of Cu (2.83%), according to historical exploration data.


PRODUCTION:   The current average ore value is roughly $512 per ton.  It is estimated that production costs will be approximately $55/ton for mining (combined surface & underground), and $25/ton for milling, smelting, refining, and reclamation, resulting in a pre-tax net profit of $520/ton.  Assuming an operation at 150 tons per hour, a resulting production analysis would be:

150 tons/hr x 20 hrs/day = 3,000 tons/day
3,000 tons/day x $434/ton = $1,302,000 daily net profit
$1,302,000 x 24 days/month = $31,248,000 monthly net profit
$31,248,000 x 11 months = $343,728,000 annual net profit


The operation would likely consist of a combination of selective surface mining and underground bulk mining methods.  The milling program will include conventional crushing and grinding but employing new advanced comminution techniques that have been developed over the past few years, specifically the new MIM Process developed in Australia.  Recovery methods will include predominantly advanced gravity concentration, combined with a secondary regrind and leach circuit.  Milling will be done on adjacent private property to enhance and speed up the permit process, and eliminate many environmental issues that would be encountered in milling on lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management.


PERMITTING:  There are no anticipated impediments to BLM jurisdiction permitting. The property was previously permitted and the BLM has all of the prior data and reports in its files. If the mill site is placed on private property, the BLM has offered an opinion that permitting should be able to be expedited. Private property sites are available near the mine.





Documents in the data package include:



• Table of Contents
• Executive Summary
• Summary Financial Analysis
• Claims Legal Description Summary
• Claims Notices
• BLM LR2000 Database Title Report


• Area & Site Maps
• Claims Location Maps
• Site Photographs


• 1983 Donald P. McCarthy Geology Report
• 1983 McCarthy - Hansen Drill Hole Location Map
• 1983 Rogers - Hansen Drill Hole Test Results - Assay Reports
• 1980 Stephen C. Hansen Geology Report
• 1980 Stephen C. Hansen Drill Test - Trenching - Assay Results
• 1979 - 1983 Rogers Hansen Drill Hole Test Results & Assay Reports
• 1980 - 1988 GRE Rogers Hansen Drill Test Cross Sectional Maps - Assay Reports
• 1980 Thomas E. Finch Geology Report
• 1980 Rogers Research Geology Report
• Calida - Vein Shear Drill Hole Maps


There is additionally available a separate appraisal on the property prepared by a independent third party mining engineer using historical SME reporting standards.


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