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GoldTech is a leader in the exploration, testing, development, operation and sale of gold, silver, and copper mines. The company currently holds a significant number of mineral properties, and is constantly seeking out and acquiring new properties for acquisition and development, or for sale or joint venture.

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PROJECTED ANNUAL NET PROFIT:  $88 Million at 100 tons per hour

The above figures are based solely on independent historical data from exploration programs completed by professional geologists and mining engineers. Prospective interested parties are cautioned to complete their own independent valuation of the Golden Messenger property via due diligence analysis of all historical data, and independent testing.


LOCATION: The Golden Messenger mine consists of 19 unpatented lode mining claims, located in the York Mining District approximately 21 miles northeast of Helena Montana. The Property contains 380 acres of highly explored and developed land, with extensive past mining history. The claims comprising the Property include the Gold Dike, Golden Charm, and Dandy federal mining claims.

GEOLOGY:  The geology and ore mineralization at the Golden Messenger Mine consists basically of two types. A broad 300’ to 800’ wide intrusive diorite dike has intruded into ancient Precambrian aged shales and siltstones, resulting in extensive shearing, alteration, and silicification of the dike and adjacent shales and siltstones.  Gold mineralization has been emplaced along fractures and within broad silicified zones.  The resulting ore deposits have been termed veins, veinlets, stock works, and hornfelds.  These broad mineralized zones constitute the bulk of the mineral resource which has been partially identified by multiple episodes of drilling, trenching, and aggressive sampling programs.


MINERAL RESOURCE:  Golden Messenger has been exhaustively tested by a wide range of independent professional geologists, mining engineers, and large corporate mineral interests.  Cmpilation of the mul;tipl tsting results yileds an estimatd mineral resource of 7,521,251 ounces of gold.

Golden Messenger is a consolidation of many old active gold mines all situated within a gold belt and otherwise known as the York Mining District.  GoldRiver Exploration LLC has consolidated most of these old producing mines into one group known as the Golden Messenger Group.  Extensive exploration has been conducted over a period of approximately 50 years, resulting in diamond and rotary RC drilling, trenching, surface and underground mapping and sampling, surveying, assaying, metallurgical testing, and reclamation activities.  Most of this work has been completed by the following companies and consultants:

  • Scholz Engineering Consultants
  • Blue Sky Mining, Inc.
  • Homestake Mining Company
  • Wharf Resources
  • Tioga Gold
  • FMC Corporation
  • Asarco
  • Kennecott Exploration
  • Silver Pine Resources
  • GoldTech Engineering
  • GeoResources
  • Stansberry & Associates


PRODUCTION ANALYSIS: The expected average recoverable ore value is $210.60 per ton at $1,300 per ounce. Average mining costs are $12, milling costs $20, smelting and refining costs $3, environmental and reclamation costs $5, and contingency and other overhead costs $2. This leaves an average net profit of $168.60 per ton.

At 100 tons per hour, the operation should yield a net profit $168,600 per 10 hour shift at $1,300 per ounce. A double shift operation should yield a net profit of $337,200 per day. Running the double shift 24 days per month should yield a net profit of $8,092,800 per month. Assuming about 11 months of actual operation, the annual net profit should be $88,020,800.

Crushing, Milling and Smelting Operation: Crushing, milling and smelting should be done off site on private or patented ground. Some of the gold is expected to be free milling gold, meaning that it can be released by grinding and recovered by advanced centrifugal and ultra high frequency vibration concentration. The remainder will be separated out using a bromine or similar based flotation system. No cyanide is required.


PERMITTING: Permits for these unpatented claims are processed through the US Forest Service. There are no anticipated impediments to USFS permitting, although open pit mining with cyanide heap leaching is no longer allowed in Montana. Permitting can be expedited by placing the mill site on private property.  In essence, the permit will be to extract and haul ore. Private property sites are available in the area.







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