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GoldTech is a leader in the exploration, testing, development, operation and sale of gold, silver, and copper mines. The company currently holds a significant number of mineral properties, and is constantly seeking out and acquiring new properties for acquisition and development, or for sale or joint venture.

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Estimated Mineral Resource:                      60,000 ounces

Projected annual net profit:                        $16.8 Million at 100 yards per hour


LOCATION:  Rich Hill is one of the most famous historical gold sites in the US. Its discovery in 1863 led to a gold rush in Arizona.  Nuggets the size of potatoes were found on and below the ground and huge amounts of gold was removed from the surface or surface trenching from 1863 to 1875.  The Trident claims represent one of the last unmined areas of the Rich Hill erosion deposit field; and are located on 80 acres in central Arizona, 45 miles south of Prescott, and 10 miles east of Congress.  The site is near a highway and accessible on County maintained roads.  Water will be available from wells to be drilled on the property, and seasonal creek water. 


MINERAL RESOURCE:  Trident has been thoroughly tested in limited areas by a number of independent professional geologists and corporate mineral interests.  These results show an estimated mineral resource of 60,000 ounces, or US $78 Million @ $1,300 per ounce. Only a small portion of the uniform geology at the site has been tested, meaning an additional 10 million + yards of ore is estimated. Some of the gold will be jewelry gold and large nuggets, which are typically sold for 2-5 times the spot price of gold per ounce, depending on size and shape.


PRODUCTION ANALYSIS:  The average ore tenor is 0.03 ounces of gold per cubic yard.  The average recoverable value of the free gold is estimated at $35.88 per yard at $1,300 per ounce.  Average mining costs are $5, environmental and reclamation costs $2, and overhead, contingency and other costs $2. This leaves an average net profit of $26.88 per yard.  Adding an estimated $5.00 per yard for a jewelry and nugget premium results in a net profit of $31.88 per yard. At 100 yards per hour, the operation should yield a projected net profit $31,880 per 10 hour shift. A double shift operation should yield a net profit of $63,760 per day.  Running the double shift 24 days per month should yield a net profit of $1,530,240 per month.  Assuming about 11 months of actual operation, the annual net profit is projected to be $16,832,640.


PERMITTING:  The permit jurisdiction is the US Bureau of Land Management. There are no anticipated impediments to BLM permitting.  Certain of the NEPA work has already been completed on this mine, which should expedite the permit process.








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